The Perfect Customer: Only 1 Out of 10 Businesses Know How To Find Them

Most businesses must realize that their financial success depends on finding their perfect customer. But what is actually the perfect customer? Experience taught me that only three rules define it.

Rule #1 – They Know You

First, this is someone who knows you and remembers your brand and products. In their eyes, you are not the average anonymous company selling stuff no one remembers.

returning users@2x

For most businesses, most sales are to new customers, not returning ones. It points to the fact that most of their customers are brand new. Having a prevalent majority of new customers means that you are anonymous. People still find you and buy your products (so you are doing things right), but you are still an anonymous seller. In one word, you are invisible. No one remembers you.

You need to change this. Be bold, be rash. Do something that people will remember. Be unique in your approach. Leverage your USPs. And this leads me to the second statement.

Rule #2 – They Already Spent Money with You

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Think about how the average person operates when purchasing. Take me for example. Last week, I was looking for a new metal file kit. My first thought was to call the store I usually buy tools from. Why? Because I know them (first rule), and second – I bought their products before (second rule).

It is essential to persuade a customer to spend even a single buck with you. Marketers know it. That is why you see everywhere the usual hooks like “get it for free but pay for shipping.”
A subconscious barrier in our minds opens up after spending even a dime on something.

So, focus on persuasion. Play your strengths. Focus on your USPs. Show your value. Be frank and keep your promises. Share your knowledge and experience. Teach people what you know. And keep them engaged constantly. You will be surprised at the results.

Rule #3 – They Trust You

Who do we trust? Do we trust people and companies that deceive us?

Of course not.

Think about how many times you have been lied to. Last week, I was on vacation in Kotor, Montenegro. Beautiful place. The fjord there is truly breathtaking.

Blue Cave in Kotor, Montenegro

And as most tourists do there, we hired a boat. We were to visit the famous “Blue Cave.” I was excited. The salesman showed us a beautiful new boat – “Marinello Eden 590.” We were to receive diving equipment and refreshments for the 3-hour ride.

The reality proved quite different – there was no diving equipment. We did not swim in the “Blue Cave” because it was dangerous just that day. The refreshment was a small plastic bottle with mineral water. And the “best part” – the captain did not open the tent, even after numerous requests. The explanation was – too much wind. At the same time, all other boats had their tents open. So we cooked for three hours in our seats. They deceived me, so my online review reflected in detail my experience. As a result, they lost customers and will keep losing them unless they correct their course.
It takes one angry customer to make you lose two hundred and fifty*.

So, do not be like them. Your word must be your bond. As I said above – be frank and keep your promises. And if you consistently provide value, your customers will trust you.

Conclusion about the perfect customer

Create your ideal customer. Make a name for yourself or your brand. Be unique so they remember you. Play the long game. Build trust by providing value, great products, and amazing service. Be frank. Be factual. Be truthful. Be reliable. Keep your promises. And they will spend their money with you. And last but not least – be consistent in your effort. 

*Do you wonder why I placed that asterisk there? I have a story to tell – about a salesman who, for 11 years, sold more products than all other salesmen in the country, all of them together

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